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Sanity Saver Solutions

Saving your sanity with precise space management and organization solutions.

What we offer


This package is for people looking to reorganize and save space throughout their entire home while utilizing any storage available for sorting and putting items away. Rates may vary on workload and size of house as well as time taken.


The floor package mainly focuses on the organization and storage restructuring of a entire floor of our clients home. 


This Package focuses strictly on an individual room for precise, hard-to-tackle  situations.

Meet Lynn

Meet Lynn

Hello, my name is Lynn. Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and learn more about the services that I have to offer. I am passionate about helping people clear the clutter and chaos to make life a little more simple! I create functional spaces and come up with creative solutions to fit any budget. No space is too little or too large. Having your space organized and functional saves you time and money. Knowing what you have and being able to find it when you need it, saves time and prevents having to re-buy items. The solutions that I come up with are simple but effective and the results are immediately evident. I know how overwhelming clutter can become. Even those with the best of intentions are still sometimes overtaken by the sheer volume of stuff. Feeling like you can’t breath and feeling totally defeated creates anxiety and prevents you from moving forward. Many people feel judged when this happens. Please do not let that stop you from reaching out to me. I can help you remove the blocks in a safe, non-judgmental, caring way. Do not let the perceptions of “you’re going to make me get rid of everything” and “professional organizers are too expensive” prevent you from considering allowing me to help you. I will find ways for you to keep your items and adjust your space as necessary. The empowerment that comes from being able to function well in your space is a huge benefit to organizing. I can also find a way to recycle or re-purpose any items that you would like to get rid of, but are afraid to because there is still life left in them. There are many community groups and auctions that these items can be donated to, to pay it forward! Let me help you gain control over the clutter that is controlling you! I look forward to connecting with you.

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